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Albatros is a development system of logics for industrial automation, equipped with powerful trajectory generators that can involve the interpolation of various axes, up to a maximum of 16. Through the Albatros software you can configure the machine groups and subgroups, by associating to each of them all the input resources (analog and digital sensors), output resources (analog and digital actuators), motion resources (analog and digital axes), logics, variables, arrays, matrices, counters, timers, and finally, the specific work functions, expressed with an object-oriented automation language, the result of thirty years of experience of TPA.
The Albatros Development System is available with user interface and help translated into nine languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Polish.
The development system enables to manage devices connected to different field buses and the mixed configuration of different buses in the application is allowed. The field buses managed by the suite are: Can Open, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Mechatrolink, SLM (Control Technique), Scan (Selema) and Greenbus4 (Tpa).

The Albatros Development System can be installed on PC platforms equipped with Microsoft operating systems.

The application that implements the basic user interface, provided by Tpa, has a twofold objective:
acting as a development environment for configuring the hardware environment and defining the machine cycles;
operating as a runtime environment to view the status of the hardware devices and display stylized representations of the operation of the machine (called "synoptics"). This feature enables at any time, even at a distance of years from the development of the application, on any machine managed by Albatros, without the need of any other software or tool, to make changes to the logic and test them with all the usual development tools. The same potentiality can be exploited using a remote technical support system.
Albatros is an OLE Automation Server, thus allowing programs developed by a third party to obtain and change the status of physical and logical devices handled by the application.

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