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Tpa was established in 1971 as a company of electronic devices designed for industrial applications. Tpa has rapidly developed, becoming a larger production company, offering products and technological solutions and a full-service of consulting, design and training. In recent years, the company has played a constant work of innovation on its products, carefully taking all the opportunities that electronic and information emerging technologies put as available. The use of personal computer platforms, and software technologies available, has allowed the company to offer advanced systems on the market, with a high degree of flexibility and openness that allowed to build custom and optimized "turnkey"  solutions by minimizing the dedicated hardware, reducing costs and increasing reliability and safety. The continuous evolution brought to a professional strategy growth for its technicians and a policy of cooperation and partnership for its customers, with a continuous work of Education and Training. With this in mind, Tpa is today a dynamic and innovative reality, which is able to offer products and services with a broad spectrum in the field of System Control for Industrial Automation and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Tools, Robots and Flexible machining centers and activities as well as Consulting, Planning Application, system Integration, IT support and service after-sale.


As evidence of the quality and innovative content of its research and technological development, since 1988, Tpa is a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Education, of the University and Research (MIUR) and by the Lombardia Region (QUESTIO) too. Highly innovative Planning Applications may access to the state and regional contributions and to the European calls for tenders, available for the competitive development of the company products. In the corporate structure of Tpa, which consists of about 40 employees, half of which graduates, the technical staff of R&D, the Planning Application and Technical Support to customers have a wide space, with a staff of technicians over 25 units. Tpa, as a company certified by the Ministry and by the Region and according to the seriousness and competence demonstrated in decades of successful collaboration, is often involved in ambitious projects of basic research on which are committed the excellence of Italian universities (Politecnico of Milano, Politecnico of Torino, University of Tor Vergata, University la Sapienza). Tpa is involved to give a support for the content-specific skills expressible, for the realization of prototypes useful to research as well as for the execution of targeted experimental tests relating to the various basic research.
The strategy of widespread dissemination of its technologies, both domestically and abroad, committed TPA in technological and commercial partnerships with different companies:

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TOP srl, based in Cadorago (Como), a manufacturer of machines and plants for the wood processing and supplier of cutting-edge technologies in the same sector. Tpa is a subsidiary of TOP srl, which is owned 36%.

Alberti Engineering Srl, based in Gessate (MI), a manufacturer of machines and plants for the wood processing for over 50 years. Tpa is a subsidiary of TOP srl, which is owned 40%.

The business mission of Rampoldi X-Ray is to offer the market high-frequency monoblocs, electronic components and control panels for the production of X-ray equipment for human, veterinary and industrial applications

Tpa Lab srl, based in Sondrio, performs testing and certification on Tpa products, aimed at printing technologies with industrial ink jet technologies. Tpa is the owner of 51% of Tpa Lab

Triveneto TPA srl, based in Vicenza, customizes and sells the Tpa product, working primarily with customers in the Triveneto area. Tpa is the owner of 49% of Tpa Triveneto.

Shanghai Dipai Trading Co Ltd, based in Shanghai, is the commercial branch of Tpa in the Chinese territory, the company's mission is to sell Tpa products in the Far East markets and provide spare parts and technical support quickly to customers Westerners selling their machines in those markets.

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