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TRS-CAT allows to connect the EtherCAT bus to the bus TRS. TRS-CAT is a slave complex device, as defined by the specification ETG. It incorporates 16 lines of bidirectional digital I / O, configurable as inputs or outputs. TRS-CAT can be expanded with any expansion units of the series TRS, up to a maximum of seven. It complies with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.


The STAR-CAT remote is a slave EtherCAT receiver unit.
The function realized by STAR-CAT is the ability to physically transform a linear EtherCAT network topology in a star topology, using an incoming channel and up to 3 different output channels or, in other words, its purpose is to pair different junctions (branches) EtherCAT. STAR CAT-size format is compatible with the TRS format.



EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based real-time communication technology, which is particularly suitable for the communication between control systems and peripheral devices such as I/O systems, sensors and actuators. EtherCAT makes it possible to use Ethernet for industrial automation because it guarantees fast data update, low communication jitter and low cost. EtherCAT optimizes the performance of the network through the direct, on the fly processing of the frame by the various slave devices on the network. The use of the distributed clock allows to synchronize all the slaves with a jitter of less than one microsecond. At the interface level toward applications, EtherCAT can use the protocols CoE ("CANopen over EtherCAT"), SoE ("Sercos over EtherCAT"), FoE ("File over EtherCAT") and EoE ("Ethernet over EtherCAT"), so as to ensure the compatibility with common real time fieldbus technologies, and with standard Ethernet technologies such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP and FTP.

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TRS-IO allows to connect to Greenbus v4.0 all I/O expansion moduIes of the series TRS, up to a maximum of five. TRS-IO incorporates 16 I/O bidirectional digital lines, each line can be configured as input or output. It complies with EMC directive 2004/108/EC.

TRS-AX connects four Incremental Encoder counters to Greenbus v4.0 and as many outputs. The coexistence on the same device of counters and analog outputs allows to handle a configuration of up to four axes, analog or step-by-step. For each axis, there are the user interface features, with a differential encoder, included the zero mark and the ability to manage a fast input. It complies with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.


TRS-STAR is a hub designed for the fieldbus Greenbus 3.0/4.0. It consists of a line of input and 4 output lines. It allows to connect the Tpa remote modules through a star topology. STAR-TRS amplifies the signal to allow a greater length of the connections, so that also the machine tools geometrically more complicated will benefit of the Tpa  remote modules.                                                                        



GreenBus 4
GreenBus 4 is the dedicated protocol of Tpa for the communication with the devices from the field.
It is a serial isochronous communication which takes place between a master device, the numeric control or plc, and several slave devices, the remote devices (couplers and expansions).
Electrically, it is similar to a serial bus RS422, with the addition of the power supply of the remote devices. Thanks to the characteristics of isochrony, the protocol GreenBus 4 enables the communication between remote devices with a refresh time of 1 ms to 4 ms, in a strictly deterministic way, at a rate of 4 mbit/s by means of a standard Ethernet cable.
GreenBus 4 allows analog axes remotability, supports the re-reading of the outputs, does not require the configuration of the remote devices and reduces hardware complexity and cost thanks to the essentiality of the protocol.

TRS-485                                                                  NEW
TRS-485 Bus coupler enables to connect to the serial RS485 v1.0 all forms of I/O expansion modules TRS mechanical housing on DIN rail. TRS-485 embeds 16 digital, bidirectional I/O lines. Each line is configurable as an input or an output.
TRS-485 module can be expanded up to 5 expansions through any TRS- expansion unit. TRS-485 is in compliance with the EMC 2004/108/EC Directives.


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