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Made by TPA, TpaCAD is the last generation CAD/CAM programming system capable of interfacing with a 4 or 5 axis CNC milling centres.
TpaCAD is a programming system and also an integrated environment, which works in an environment of design and on the machine. Wood, marble, metal and plastics are just some of the application fields of TpaCAD.

Nesting is a program designed to minimize the waste of raw material, by optimizing the management of the spaces for the plates to be machined.
The user is free to choose the parameter and the workings to be performed to meet the required production needs. The wide application range makes this software a very flexible product, easily adaptable to different market sectors with different needs and management criteria  of the most diversified materials.


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Lepton Cabinet                                                          NEW      

A complete 3D Design Software for design, manufacture and budgeting cabinets, closets and kitchens.

High quality graphics, ease to use and with the complete possibility to define machined parts.

All in a 100% Parametric CAD. Exporting data to CNC machines. The software is developed for Design, Sale and Production. It allow interactions in 3D space by simply moving the mouse. You can  Change materials to show customers different options and layout. The system is really flexible and adapts to all types of constructional situations. The software generate automatically: labor report, list of pieces, and budgets based on the raw material cost.

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TpaEdi32 is the CAD/CAM programming system made by Tpa and available on the market since 2005.
Predecessor of the TpaCAD project, it’s a valid and excellent alternative which works as a programming system and also as an integrated environment, both in an environment of design only and on the machine. Wood, marble, metal and plastics are just some of the application fields of TpaEdi32.


EasyBuild is a product made by Tpa engineers because of the increasing development of the automation within the wooden  building industry. EasyBuild, located between the Cad of structural design and the machine that works the walls, bridges that gap of the market due to the lack of products mainly for the construction of walls, floors and similar wooden structures.


BeamStream is the result of the experience that Tpa has matured in the industry of the construction of roofs and wooden coverings, during the years.
The product fits between the structural design CAD and the machine that processes the beams.The ease of use, versatility, and its modern style, make it a top range product, simple to use even by those who are not familiar with software tools.


Import DXF / ImportMPR / 3D Cnc
Over the years, Tpa has developed several importation software to adapt and to convert in the Tpa development environments different format projects.


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