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Selema - Tpa
The line of Selema drives allows the driving of brushless motors via common fieldbuses: S-CAN, CANOpen, MODBUS. They are a new generation drives that use new DSPs and RISC microprocessors featuring a high computational capacity and a high integration of peripherals. This has allowed to create an extremely compact drive, without compromising speed and positioning high dynamics and resolution. They are full digital devices, both in the speed and in the current loop; suitable for driving both sinusoidal field brushless motors and asynchronous with feedback brushless motors.



Siboni – Tpa
The line of Siboni motors, characterized for Tpa, is composed of different sizes of brushless motors in sinusoidal current, ideal for the demands which are required in high performance in the control of the axes.

                                                                     Product            Power             Torque
                                                                     S0402B/351      100 W             0.32 Nm
                                                                     S0601B/302      250 W             0.80 Nm
                                                                     S0602B/301      400 W             1.27 Nm
                                                                     S0802B/375      750 W             2.39 Nm   
                                                                     S1201B/551      1150 W           4.7 Nm
                                                                     S1201B/552      1150 W           4.7 Nm
                                                                     S1401B/340      1400 W           6.5 Nm


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