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Hardware Design
Tpa provides a qualified hardware design, making available its staff of engineers. The target customer of Tpa, for this type of service, includes companies with electro-mechanical know-how wishing to become mechatronic companies, despite not having internal electronic skills which are necessary to ensure the success of the transformation. Tpa offers both services of 'expert consulting' for the integration of devices on EtherCat fieldbus and design services and, if necessary, it carries out (also in series) electronic and firmware circuits, which are needed to drive the various electromechanical components. Tpa offers its expertise even for the design and manufacture of electronic boards and related software drivers which have to be included in the personal computer market, specifically interfaced on PCI or PCI Express bus. The staff of Tpa electronic developers is able to cover all the requirements necessary to transform the idea of a product in a working and certificate prototype. The skills can be summarized into the definition of the electric circuit diagram on electronic cad, study of the layout of optimum arrangement of the components on the board, the design of the master with multilayer technologies  (up to six layers), prototype, test the prototype, CE and EMC certification of the equipment, mechanical engineering study of the device housing. In this activity, Tpa assesses interest both on a design to order that on sharing its customer investment, recovering costs over time in the form of royalties on products sold by the customer.


Firmware Design

Tpa, thanks to decades of specific experience in the industry, offers a highly qualified service of real-time firmware design on microcontrollers and PC platforms with specific shell real time. The strengths of the experience of Tpa can be summarized as follows: the study of complex trajectory generators for multi-axis machines; connection protocols of slave devices to the CAN and EtherCAT  fieldbus; head driving algorithms for Ink Jet print for devices dedicated to the industrial printing; driver interface of the PCI / PCI express electronic boards to Microsoft operating systems, PC systems based on an real-time multi-tasking  efficient architecture.
Tpa assesses interest both on a design to order that on sharing its customer investment, recovering costs over time in the form of royalties on products sold by the customer.

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Software Design
Tpa customizes the software interfaces of its products to customers so-called "premium".
The service of software design involves the construction of user interfaces specifically designed to create a dialogue between numerical controls and / or automation systems with CAD / CAM, ERP and CRM systems of the end customers. The first objective is to allow maximum integration of machines and systems equipped with CNC Tpa, with Management Software and Graphics installed at user companies.
Certification for industrial use with PC Shell Real Time
Tpa provides a certification service to those customers who choose to purchase a specific individual personal computer but it should be 100% compatible with the shell real-time and hardware interfaces necessary for it to be integrated in an automation system based on products and technologies Tpa.


Logics Design Automation
Tpa makes available its application designers staff to develop automation logics in proprietary programming language. The projects are developed according to specific requirements for devices, machines and plants of the customers. The maximum architectural opening and the rich availability of powerful tools for editing, debugging and tracing of the cyclics characterizing the numerical control and the Tpa automation system still allow complete autonomy to the customer in the development of their applications.
The service allows to cover unexpected surges of work and provides to smaller customers to be able to specialize their machines, without necessarily incurring the cost of an applicator technician.
This service is highly appreciated by startup companies that decide to use the product Tpa, while not wishing to allocate the fixed cost of an applicator technician in their organizational structure during the start-up of the same.

Electrical Panels Realization
Tpa, through its subsidiary TOP srl, provides a electrical panels realization service. This service is mainly aimed at those customers who design and produce a few special machines to order. For these types of customers is advantageous to acquire from Tpa the numerical control, the drives and motors and the electrical panel wired and certified, bringing together on a single source all the problems and risks associated with the successful integration of all electrical, electronic and computer parts, especially for the correct overall functionality of the application and for the compliance of  the regulations.
Mechanic Groups and Whole Machines Design
Tpa, through its subsidiary TOP srl, provides a mechanical design of mechatronic specific groups service and the complete design of  medium / small size machines. This service is offered exclusively to customers who don’t operate in the field of machines for woodworking, it’s aimed at Startup or university research centers who want to experience the results of basic research with equipment specifically designed to enslave different purposes, finding inexpensive and convenient to use the expertise and collaboration of companies with specific and multisectoral skills and commissioning the entire study of the mechatronic equipment to Tpa.



Thanks to a well-stocked spare parts warehouse, composed by more than 1000 titles, the Tpa After-sales Group is able to analyze and repair the equipments produced by TPA over the past 10 years. The After-Sale Group obtains the information of application character from the Tpa internal staff of Application Desing and, sometimes, it’s able to cover repair requests even in cases in which the specific operation information are not available even at the manufacturers of the machines.
The service offered by the After-Sales Group implies that the repair of failed equipment is carried out at Tpa Laboratory or, alternatively, directly at the customer site, solving the problems of unreliability that cannot always be attributed to failures but often connected to not complied additions.
The After-Sales Group is also organized to manage service contracts that provide periodic visits to the machines, back up data and programs and activation in a quick and efficient way of the disaster-recover process in case of failure of hard-disk or mass storage devices.

Retrofit Machine and Equipment
TPA offers a service of retrofit of CNC, drives and motors. The service is aimed at those customers who already have a dated mechanical, but they decide to update the electronics and computing. The goal is to keep using the same machine and / or system, making it significantly more efficient, through the modernization of the software interfaces and through the integration with the new operating systems and through the modern business management systems. Thanks to its many years of experience, Tpa offers retrofit on machines not originally designed to work with numerical controls and automation of its production. Depending on the type of machine and on the sectors of reference, Tpa can make use of the cooperation of its subsidiary TOP srl.

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