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Plant Supervisor

Plant Supervisor application program manages the sending of the commands to pick up the bars from the warehouse, to cut the bars and to machine the kitchen tops in the copy routers.

The top is associated to a specific copy router according to the workings to do.  
All commands of the supervisor are recorded in a specific report.



This application meets the needs of a continuous control on the wear degree of  the drilling and milling tool and of the blades mounted in a plant. More particularly, it allows you to check the frequency of use for each individual tool, by comparing this frequency  with a associated maximum value and by notifying the state of progress of its wear process.
This software can be used in any production field, in which  machine tools are used. The high adaptability to plants made of multiple machines makes ToolWear the ideal software for a constant supervision of the   degree of tool wear,  ensuring  a total safe replacement at the right time, avoiding damage and downtimes  due to unexpected breakage of the tools or of mechanical parts.


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Wsc Prod

Wsc Prod is a program that enables to perform the statistical analysis of the production carried out by a single machine or by a plant consisting of multiple machines.

The application, depending on the data received from the machines or from the system and analysed, calculates and displays several statistics.

All the data analysed and calculated by the program are stored in a production report that the user can save or print.
The software can be used in any industry. Wsc Prod is the ideal solution to carry out the productivity analysis of a machine or system in various production areas.



Barcode application program allows the reading of labels through an external device and the queuing of the related programs to the Wsc lists.

Barcode optimises and enhances the machining of the pieces  by automatising the assignment process of the work lists.  Barcode integrates into the order management system,  optimizing times and production procedures and reducing  margins of error.


Setting   allows you to   properly   equip   the   spindles   on the   operating heads   of single machines   or plant   so that all   pieces planned   during processing   can be   performed   by choosing to   take the least   number of   possible strokes, the   smaller number of   replacement   bits   and the fewest   execution time ,  by aggregating   the largest number of   bits   to each   lowered   and   ensuring   rational distribution  of workload in the case of a line of several machines.
Setting solves a  widespread problem   on   machines   dedicated to   drilling   and   insertion of ironmongery   on   panels. It   consists in the necessity   to dispose of the   best configuration   of   tooling   of the operating heads ,  in order to reduce   as much as possible   the working time   and   to ensure a   greater production efficiency.


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