Delta logo top right corner, a Delta ASD-A2 Servo drive, a Delta ASD-B2 servo drive, two Delta ECMA brushless motors

Delta – Tpa

Tpa is an authorised supplier (global key account) of Delta servo drives – series ASD-A2 and ASD-B2 – and of ECMA series brushless motors.

Delta is one of the reference brands for drives and brushless motors. Based in Taiwan, it offers a wide range of products, covering almost all of the market demands. Tpa expertise on Delta products is high, and so we are able to provide an excellent level of technical assistance. Periodically, our technicians attend the training and refresher courses that Delta organises.

ECMA servomotors

ECMA brushless motors are available in different sizes (going from 100 W to 7.5 kW). All sizes are available with or without brake, with absolute or incremental encoder (17 or 20-bit resolution).

The above-mentioned features and the assembling quality make these products ideal for cutting machines, lathes and milling machines, drilling machines, packers, loading/unloading machines, labelling stations, printing presses, coating machines…

The excellent reputation Delta products reached around the world and their wide range of certifications make them ideal to be mounted on machines sold everywhere.

ASDA servo drives

All of ASDA servo drives are equipped with a DSP, granting them a very fast loop closure. This, together with other features – such as the gain regulation, the simplicity of configuration, and the software analysis/monitoring – allow for a high-speed and high-precision movement control for a wide range of applications in the industrial field.

The ASD-A2 drives are based on EtherCAT fieldbuses, while the ASD-B2 series communicates through impulse train.

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