CADnesting window
CADnesting window

General features

CADnesting is a program designed to minimize the waste of raw materials, optimizing the space arrangement on the panels that are to be worked. The user is free to choose the parameters and the workings to execute after certain production requirements. The user interface is integrated in TpaCAD interface.


  • Possibility to import the list from XML or CSV files, or from a group of TCN or DXF files;

  • nesting of pieces with internal and external workings that will regularly be executed, optimizing the arrangement of the common areas, in case of workings out of the piece;

  • configuration of the optimization of the cuts carried out in the machine, with several available options;

  • generates labels;

  • manages complex geometrical shapes;

  • reduces wasting raw materials;

  • possibility to assign criteria like clusters, mirroring, rotation angle, material, grain, and eventual additional repetitions for each piece on the list;

  • creates immediately the piece file (TCN).

The wide application range of this software makes of it an extremely flexible product, easily adaptable to different market sectors, with different priorities and managing criteria for the most various materials. The parameters assigned on a TCN piece remain valid in the list, with the possibility to edit its dimensions, respecting the parameter rules.

CADnesting Square

code SW1.1.16

CADnesting Square is the version dedicated to the nesting of rectangular areas. The software can nest any type of shape, but always considering the minimum rectangle it can be inscribed in. In addition to offering the possibility to import XML, CSV, DXF, and TCN, it allows adding rectangles to the list just by setting their 3 dimensions.

The elaboration speed and the possibility to use it on moderate-performance hardware make it a better choice for those applications that are mainly managing the panel nesting.

CADnesting Trueshape

code SW1.1.17

CADnesting Trueshape is the version dedicated to the nesting of free and complex shapes. This software can nest any type of shape, considering only its real surface.

In addition to having all the functions as the Square version, this version can manage the rotation angle for each piece, can manage the nesting inside empty isles in the piece, and assign clusters between pairs of pieces arranged according to specific criteria that will result simpler to manage. It is possible to carry out in TpaCAD the nesting of workings inside a given area, that can even be a free shape.


Our nesting logics are available for external applications and can be applied in any field. There are two types of libraries: Square and Trueshape. This way, it is possible for anyone to integrate our nesting logics, creating a personal user interface with its own features, relative to its field.


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