CODE SW0.1.01

Interface of Tpa IsoCNC, Tpa numerical control that manages automations based on ISO programming
Interface of Tpa IsoCNC, Tpa numerical control that manages automations based on ISO programming

General features

IsoCNC is a numerical control with all the necessary features and performance to manage automations based on an ISO programming. The interface of the product was studied in every part, so that it could be used with a touch-screen video, even without keyboard and mouse. With this in mind, its graphical style shows some detailed parts (e.g., the tool and machine parameter section), combined with a clear and simple context.

Functional features

This numerical control’s potentials are striking:

  • step-by-step execution of ISO lists;

  • insertion of parts of the list (while the machine is temporarily stopped) after the ISO instruction on which we stopped and restarting from the following execution;

  • start of the execution from any point of the list;

  • insertion of any MDI instruction at any time of the execution (or outside the execution);

  • tool correction either on a plane (2D) or in a space (3D);

  • execution of 3 or 5-interpolated-axis ISO lists;

  • possibility to define explicitly the kinematics of the interpolating axes (especially when 5-head axes do not use the canonical rotating axes).

We can find in one interface all the parts necessary to interact with the machine: dedicated synoptic screens, whole communication with IOs and miscellaneous devices, viewing and editing (also with help) of ISO lists, graphical view of the path, tool parameters (with graphical help), recalling of third programs different from the configurable product (e.g., a programming CAD or the simple Windows Calculator). The length of ISO programs is virtually limitless, as the ISO gets processed bit by bit and continually sent to the numerical control.
Some of the operational sections of IsoCNC are protected by password levels, so that it is possible to make a distinction among operations that can be accessed by machine (or NC) maintenance, operations that can be accessed by plant or department managers, and operations that can be carried out by machine operators. Tool parameters are customizable, and those fields too can be protected by password levels, both for reading and writing.
IsoCNC is a product that can interface the 3D simulator of machines for a complete feasibility analysis of programs, both to avoid potential machine collisions and to evaluate the manufacturing time.


This system has an interpolation lookahead, managing up to 4096 blocks per interpolation channel. The maximum interpolation speeds depend on the length of ISO blocks and on the CPU of the numerical control selected for the application (e.g., with a CN2008 SE we can get a 25 m/min speed with 1 mm blocks); as previously mentioned, the program length is only limited because of the supervisor PC used to manage the text files, while its elaboration and execution can virtually be endless.