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BeamBoard’s simulator

General features

BeamBoard is the production cycle management software for panel saws.
The application, interfacing directly with the environment Albatros, and so with the numerical control, offers all the functions to interact with the machine. It directs the operations of piece cutting, the set-point procedure, the manual handling of one or more axes, the activation or deactivation of physical devices. Moreover, this program includes its own graphical editor to define position and type of panel cut. One of the main features of BeamBoard is to have a dashboard that allows the direct access to the machine devices (axes, digital I/Os, flag bits/switches, synoptical screens, cycle messages, cycle errors, and system errors).

Using BeamBoard is simple and direct, although the complexity of the cutting patterns that can be created is not limited: as a matter of fact, it can manage up to five cut levels, in addition to grooves and windows. Another feature of the software is the possibility to allow the machine to read automatically, through a laser system, the dimensions of the panels.

The interface between user and machine consists of several elements:

  • command area, to manage the machine work cycle;

  • notice area, for messages, cycle errors, and system errors;

  • interactive dashboard, to visualize the axes and handle them manually;

  • interactive dashboard that contains all configured devices;

  • execution list, to recall the piece files that the machine will carry out during the work cycle;

  • command area, to manage the work cycle;

  • graphical editor;

  • 2D and 3D simulator;

  • optimizer.

Functional features

BeamBoard’s functions can be sorted into several groups; first of all, the graphical editor, allowing designing on the panel up to five cut levels, in addition to grooves and window cuts. The basic version of the software integrates an Ardis optimizer, although there is still the possibility to interface with other external optimizers.
Two additional functions are the integrated diagnostics and the possibility to handle manually the axes, so to carry out manual cuts and repeat positionings. Additionally, there is a part dedicated to forcing the options, that can be either activated or deactivated even while the machine is working. Moreover, a simulator is integrated in it that can be either 3D, to watch in real time the work of the machine and guide the user during the loading and unloading operations, or 2D, to have a preview of what will be the work queue and a help in cycle execution.


  • Direct interface between user and machine;

  • total configurability of the machine devices, that the user can interact with;

  • fast commands to start, stop, or end the machine working cycle;

  • possibility to edit cut patterns with the integrated editor;

  • integrated Ardis optimizer and possibility to interface with third optimizers;

  • 3D simulation of the machine movements and working, and 2D simulation as help during work cycles;

  • manual mode to carry out cuts or other operations;

  • management of programmed and configurable maintenance.

BeamBoard’s editor
BeamBoard’s label editor


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