CODE SW4.1.01

Tpa Simul 3D three-dimensional view
Tpa Simul 3D outfit parameter window, where it is possible to set the parameters of the woodworking machine outfit for the three-dimensional simulation

General features

Simul 3D is a three-dimensional simulation environment created to analyze the machine movements.

This application shows a 3D model of the machine, allowing you to visualize:

  • the movements of the mechanical limbs of the machines;

  • the workings carried out on the piece;

  • the movements of the tools;

  • the eventual collisions between tools and the panel blocking devices;

  • the precise calculation of the working time for every piece.

Functional features

This software is particularly well suited – as well as to create advertising demos – to evaluate the production time necessary for one or more types of panel, and mostly to check the feasibility of the panels themselves; as a matter of fact, thanks to Simul 3D, we can analyze eventual collision or anomalies with the machine movements.

Moreover, with Simul 3D we can test the machine cycles of the prototypes we have not created yet, so to minimize the time for tests on the machine and the eventual damages caused by cycle bugs. A version of the machine 3D model (static mode) is also available in the management application of the technology parameters.

The generation and introduction in the machine of the tool 3D models takes place during the machine outfitting.


  • Fidelity of machine models;

  • realism of movements of the mechanical limbs and the machine tools;

  • high reliability of working time;

  • reliable analysis of piece feasibility, as far as collision tests are concerned;

  • appealing graphical interface that can be used as advertising demo.