CODE SP1.1.02

Wireless Handwheel allows you to control the CNC machine up to a distance of 25 meters. The rotary encoder of the device, together with its potentiometer for the feed-rate management, provides the user with the accuracy needed in handling the axes.

The Wireless Handwheel operates up to 6 axes; it comes with 9 standard function keys, an on/off key, and 4 customizable keys. It is possible to use more than 10 Wireless Handwheels at the same time within the same area without incurring into Wi-Fi-signal conflicts.

It is particularly suited for CNC routers, working centres, and inserting machines of different sizes and types. It can be used exclusively on machines running Tpa’s CNC systems, equipped with a supervisor PC running a Microsoft Windows operating system. All the hardware and software elements necessary to its configuration and use are included in the package.