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4print RICOH GEN5/6

CODE DP0.1.01

4Print System for RICOH Gen5/Gen6. The four ports for RICOH Gen5/Gen6 heads can be seen.

General features

4Print is a product consisting of:

  • a software that, starting from the data generated by a RIP (Raster Image Processor) in TPF format (Tpa Print Format), in turn generates the print pass data, consistent with the number and arrangement of the heads on the printing plate. The software is completed with a modern and intuitive User Interface of the printing system;

  • a hardware part that receives the head data generated by the software via a standard 1 Gb network cable and synchronises it with the encoder signal that reports the position of the head carriage, generating the waveforms for each head.

Up to four RICOH Gen5/Gen6 heads can be connected to a 4Print via 4 flat cables. In case of machines with more than 4 heads, more 4Prints can be used on the same machine, communicating data from a single PC.


4Print allows for an accurate management of the communication of data and waveforms to the printheads, controlling the entire printing process of the machine with a single hardware product.
4Print software allows for an advanced management of the waveforms and print data, with a high level of correction of any printing flaws. This product is optimised to handle both plotters and roll-to-roll machines.

Diagram of the 4Print system for RICOH Gen5/Gen6 heads: one power input, a 1 Gb LAN cable on the opposite side, linking the system to the PC, another input links the system to the encoder, and 4 outputs link the system directly to the four RICOH Gen5/Gen6 heads.

Software features

The 4Print software is divided into two parts: the User Interface and the data generator. The UI allows you to use the machine, it consists of an execution list where you can choose several print parameters, such as resolution, number of passes, offsets to be applied to the print, or apply minor changes to the drawing, if still in a graphic format (JPG, PNG). In addition to the “list” mode, it is also possible to monitor a “print folder” of the operating system. A page dedicated to the print system and head maintenance is also available, and a page dedicated to colours, with tank and subtank levels, settings for cleaning, flushing, wiping…

Once the position of the printheads and colours in the head plate has been set and starting from a TPF-format file saved by RIP, the data generator is the software that generates the print passes, and thus the data, that 4Print will communicate to the individual printheads.



No. heads

Compatible RICOH heads

MH5320, MH5340, MH5421, MH5441, MH5420, MH5440, MH5421F, MH5421MF

Data input

1 Gb LAN (RJ45)

Encoder inputs

5 V TTL encoder signal with phase A-A# B-B#

(15-pole socket connector)


Encoder signal repetition, Trigger signal for next 4Print, 4 connectors (100 poles) for RICOH heads

Power supply

12 V, 24 V and 35 V (6 poles)

Operating temperature

5 – 45 °C

10 – 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Operating humidity

Fixing holes



233x340 mm

2.5 Kg


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