CODE SW0.2.02

The technological parameter window of Tpa TecnoManager, the woodworking machine technology management software
The tool selection window of Tpa TecnoManager, the woodworking machine technology management software

General features

TecnoManager is our machine technology management software, essential to use the WSCM dashboard.

This application has all the necessary tools to configure all the parameters of a machine. More particularly, you can define all the characteristics of operations, like:

  • creating a database of tools grouped by type (tips, cutters, blades, etc.);

  • creating more machine outfits, where to each tool is associated its reference bush or spindle on which the tool is physically mounted. The user completes this outfit in a quick and intuitive way, by dragging and dropping the elements with their mouse;

  • setting the parameters of the workbench (number of rails, pod database, etc…);

  • setting the machine technology architecture (architecture of the head, tool changer carousels and chains, dimensions of spindle offsets and of work area offsets).


  • One single software to fully manage the machine technology;

  • possibility to insert images and/or photographs of the tools, in order to recognize them immediately;

  • high managing versatility for the different types of data typical of machines and tools;

  • help pictures clarifying the meaning of the data we will enter;

  • possibility to save and recall more outfits for one machine.

The machine outfit appears to be direct and clear, as it is graphical and non-textual.
This software is part of the WSCM suite, where it is possible to manage the technological parameters of the machine. So, TecnoManager is essential to any manufacturer who wants to configure and manage their machine in all of its technological characteristics.